Service Dogs

309979_515424381851863_800523678_n 934059_10201035144623129_1560448007_n Dusty the service Dog Dusty is my first Pup to become a service dog, He has an important job to do and I am so proud of all the reports I get on his progress.  I always like helping out but this is one of the most rewarding connections I have made.  Anyone who would like to help support this type of cause I would love to hear from you .  There are many ways to support this cause.

Dusty is a special Dog, He started out just like the rest of them but he had this serious side of him that just stood out from day one.  By the time he was able to walk he was sturdy and had no sway in his path.  He never fought over food, he would rather cuddle than wrestle, but he wrestled plenty when pushed far enough. He showed so much interest in the human family, more so than some of his litter mates.  His response to NO from day one was impressive, he wanted to please.